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Horse Biographies

Our horses have been doing there jobs for many years and are very calm and trustworthy steeds. We take the responsibility of the care and well being of our animals very seriously. We have the vet records of each animal on file and keep a close watch daily for any signs of abnormal behavior that would alert us of any health issues. Here is a list of the horses currently in our program.

Willie - 16yr old Tenn Walker
Cadillac Jack - 13 yr old Tenn Walker
Maverick - 10 yr old Tenn Walker
Gypsy - 15 yr old Tenn Walker  ( Mavericks Dam )
Dakota Seven- 8 yr old Thoroughbred
Cooper - 11 yr old Kentucky Mountain
Billy Jack - 20 yr old Retired Standardbred Sulky Racer
*All the horses are available also for photo shoots with reservations*.
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