Latta Equestrian Center - Summer Camp
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Thank you for your interest in Latta
Plantation Equestrian Center Day Camp.
Our camp sessions run Monday through
Friday each day of the week, beginning
June 15, 2015 and ending the week of 
August 17th , 2015. .
We will be offering both beginner riders’
and intermediate riders’ camp.
The rider must be 7 or older by their camp
week. The intermediate camp will be
available to campers that have attended
the beginner camp or have had 8 hours of riding lessons. At this level, our campers will proceed to
lope, including trotting on diagonals, balance of horse and rider, school figures, correct leads
and maneuvering around patterns.
Lessons are on flatwork only working with communication skills, balance and body alignment.
Our riding lessons during camp will be coordinated by one of our riding mentors. We will also 
have classroom sessions to include training of key topics that every rider should know. These
classes are designed to build our rider’s self confidence while teaching horsemanship safety. The
lessons concentrate on safety first, proper grooming, communication skills, body alignment,
balance and an independent seat which are the building blocks in becoming a good rider.
Of course we will also have lots of time for games and group activities providing fun and 
entertainment all week long. The camp week is structured to provide our campers with good 
'horse sense’ while having lots of fun.
Reservations must be made at least two weeks in advance. A $50.00 non-refundable deposit
must be paid at time of registration. Camp cost is $300.00 per week. A release form must be turned
in with your deposit.
Camp will begin each weekday at 9:00 am and finish at 4:00 pm. If arrangements are not made
for earlier drop off or later pickup, we will be charging $15.00 per ½ hour before 9:00 or after 4:00.

Extended hours from 8:00 to 5:30 includes a flat fee of $100.00 for the week. Hours extending beyond 5:30 will incur additional charges. 

Parents are required to provide their child with lunch and we will provide morning and
afternoon snacks and beverages.
Camp Dates:                   Beginner                          Intermediate
                                         June 15 - 19                        June 22 - 26
                                         June 29 - July 3                   July   6 - 10                                       
                                         July  13 - 17                         July 20 - 24
                                         July  27 - 31                         Aug. 3  -  7
                                         Aug. 10 - 14                        Aug. 17 - 21
Student’s Name:____________________________________ Nickname:____________________
Student’s Date of Birth:_________________________ Students Gender: Male / Female
Parent/Guardian Name:___________________________________________________________
City:_________________________________ State:_____________ Zip Code:______________
Phone: Home ___________________ Cell___________________ Work___________________
How did you hear about us?______________________________________________________
Doctor’s Name & Hospital Preference (if any): ________________________________________
Health Insurance Carrier & Policy Number:___________________________________________
Please list any allergies or medical conditions for child:__________________________________
Please describe students” riding experience:__________________________________________
Have you attended camp here before?__________ If so, when? __________________________
Horse show experience (if any): ___________________________________________________
Riding / Achievement Goals:______________________________________________________
Dates you would like to attend: ___________ ___________ Beginner or Intermediate
Parents, please return child information sheet with deposit and release forms.
Checklist for Campers
Campers are required to wear long pants and close-toed shoes or boots upon arriving to camp each morning. Riding in short is not allowed.
We do recommend a change of clothes for the afternoon. Shorts and tennis shoes will be permitted for classroom time and other activities, but flip flops/sandals of any type are not allowed at any time.
The following is a short checklist for each day:
 - Change of clothes
 - Bag Lunch
 - Water Bottle
 - Towel
 - Helmet (if available—if not, one will be provided)
We ask that parents please check in with the office staff on Thursdays to receive important information for Fridays’ activities.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact Valerie Pierson or Lynn Shippen at 704-992-1550

To print form, please copy and paste to Microsoft Word

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